2024 marks 24 years strong for GPCC!

Prostate Cancer is the leading cause of new cancers in Georgia’s men. An estimated 5,400 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in our state in 2019. African American men face mortality rates twice as high as Caucasian men.

The Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition aims to educate men about managing their health, to recognize the importance of increased early detection of disease, and to cultivate an environment of support around survivors. Life does not end at diagnosis, and GPCC will be there with you every step of the way.

How we can help...

It starts with awareness. Early prostate cancer has no warning signs. Your risk for prostate cancer may vary based on age, race, family history, genetic changes, and your geography.


The Coalition seeks to inspire men and their families to take the necessary steps to assure annual screening at the appropriate age. 


The Coalition will build awareness, provide education, and offer free Prostate Cancer Screening to reduce deaths from Prostate Cancer to all communities in the State of Georgia.


The Coalition will team with medical professionals, private industry, and State and Federal Government to have a consistent message about Prostate Cancer.

Get a license plate!

For every Prostate Cancer Awareness Georgia license plate purchased, a portion goes toward providing free Prostate Screening for unemployed or uninsured men in Georgia. You can save $25 towards the Prostate Cancer Awareness license plate by sending us an email at president@georgiapcc.org

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Over 7,000 men are newly diagnosed with prostate cancer each year in Georgia, accounting for 27% of all cancer incidence among men in the state. GPCC partners with hospitals, clinics, and urologists to offer free screening events during the year

Components of our work include: Awareness of the disease, education surrounding prevention and detection practices, and advocating for prostate cancer at all levels.

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